Fast lane English

Fast Lane English

If you want to learn English even faster and you would like to explore the language and its culture even better, then Fast Lane English (FLE) is something for you. During two extra hours of English each week, you learn about British and American culture, history, literature, film and music. This program is offered in year one, two, three and four and prepares you for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) which you take in the last year of the program. This certificate is accepted around the world by universities, businesses and governments as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. In this program you actively practice the language and work together in group projects. You read novels, give presentations and make short videos. Each semester offers a different topic, for example fairy tales, Gothic literature or Shakespearean poetry (link to pupil reciting poem 18). In year two and four you take a trip abroad to practice your English in real life and to learn all about British culture.

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